a) The dissemination and advancement of the distinctive spirit of the American College of Greece, the demonstration of affection and support to the College and the provision of all possible assistance to the College and to the advancement and attainment of its objectives.

b) Expanding the intellectual horizons and promoting the physical well-being of members of the Association, using the resources of the College and any other means deemed appropriate, such as talks on literary subjects, charitable works, sports, concerts, the publication of a magazine, etc. The publication of a magazine and the choice of title must be determined by decision of the Board.

c) The founding of a Scholarship Fund to provide financial assistance to students at the American College. The workings of the Fund are described in the Internal Regulations, to be approved by the General Meeting.

The objectives set out above shall be pursued using all lawful means, in accordance with the judgment of the Board of Directors and the decisions of the General Meetings.
The Association may cooperate with or become a member of Greek, foreign and international societies and associations pursuing similar or parallel objectives.
The Association may set up branches of the Association in other cities in Greece or abroad, at the discretion of the Board and in accordance with the Internal Regulations.
The Association may not become involved in political disputes or in any affairs of a political nature.